Monday, February 19, 2007

La Perdiz

I know pictures are worth a thousand words, but words alone will have to suffice for this next the food was so good and the conversation with friends too great to stop and take photos.

We have discovered a handful of Basque restaurants here in Montevideo, and recently returned to La Perdiz. I was in search of a special dinner, that is an extremely tasty dinner, as we were introducing some new friends to Montevideo. Our friends are great lovers of food as we are, as a result my restaurant choice was carefully picked. I am happy to say our selections at La Perdiz exceeded my expectations and pleased everyone's appetite for good food.

We sat inside, as threatening clouds loomed outside, but on a nice day you can enjoy the partially covered outdoor patio. A friendly waitress brought us our menu, and we began to peruse our choices. La Perdiz offers the standard parilla, pasta, and milaneses but specializes also in fish entrees.

We decided to choose mostly seafood, as these were the Basque food selections. For appetizers we choose a Basque dish of squid stuffed with baby octopus, potato croquets, and one of the specialty salads of the day.

The first dish is a regular on the menu. Served in a ceramic dish, the squid is cooked in a delicious sauce accompanied with parsley infused rice. My limited exposure of squid has been fried calamari, and this was a whole different world. Tender, not chewy; flavorful, not bland. We were delighted in the freshness of the seafood and the flavor it carried. Croquets were a nice accompaniment, again another regular on the menu and a very economical choice. Our final selection was a gorgeous salad. Mixed greens, marinated eggplant and mushrooms, red bell pepper, tomatoes, and even a bit of spice...jalapeño. Tossed in a light vinaigrette and presented in generous quantity, this salad could have been a meal in itself for any veggie lover.

As for our main dishes, three of us choose the "pescado a la bizkania". La Perdiz offers a wide selection of fish including fresh salmon, lenguado, and merluza to name a few. "Bizkaina" varies slightly depending on the restaurant, but here it is a tomato sauce with red bell peppers and fresh parsley. The fish is not battered, but pan fried giving it a crispy out layer and flaky interior. I chose the parsley infused rice as my accompaniment, while my companions chose "papas fritas." Last but not least, the fourth diner opted for "lasagna del mar," a rich and creamy entree, perfect for any one who loves cheese. The noodles were thin, and resembled crepes, while the filling was a mixture of soft cheese, small pieces of seafood, and a perhaps a bit of cream. Again, it was rich and decadent, and could definitely be shared among two diners.

Other variations for fish included a butter, white wine and caper sauce, salsa de mariscos, and a simple grilled fish with lemon.

To "wet our whistle" during this feast, we selected a Tanat Merlot. Wine lovers, I recommend indulging in the Tanats during your time in Uruguay, they a perfect choice along side your meal.

Total for dinner including "cubiertos", beer, water, wine, appetizers, and entrees - $375 pesos/person

La Perdiz
Guipúzcoa 350 esq. Balineas
711 8963


Meredith said...

Not only does the food sound fantastic, I'm also jealous of everyone there for the fantastic company each side enjoyed.

Do you know if the calamari was slow-cooked or quick cooked? I've heard either way yields a more tender product, but not middle cooked, then its tough.

Prplpoet18 said...

We were in Montevideo late-October 2008. La Perdiz is a short walk from the Sheraton. La Perdiz got our vote hands-down! We returned 2 nights in a row and would have eaten there every night! In fact, I cannot remember any other restaurant in which we ate in MV at all! We had that exquisite squid and it was yummy! Servers were delightful and the place has the feel of a neighborhood bistro. Everyone was greeted like a long-time customer. Had the Tanat; good choice. Desserts were not as tasty as the food; but who cared at that point!