Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No Nonsense Sandwich Bread

I'm big label reader. In the states I see other consumers looking at backs of packages or scanning nutrition ingredients. Here, I think they just want me to chose quickly and move on ahead to the check out line.

I was disappointed to find that most sandwich breads were loaded with trans fats, and those that were not were about as flavorful as cardboard when toasted. I have yet to find a nearby bakery that sells fresh whole wheat sandwich bread, but I have discovered the brand Fargo which makes a whole wheat or integral sliced bread that we use daily in our house. It is free from the offensive trans fats, soft rather than dense, and toasts beautifully for breakfast. They also have a couple other varieties including a white sliced sandwich bread. It is easy to find at most grocery markets and little corner stores.

one loaf about $43 pesos


Brazzie said...

Great post. I guess integral bread hasn't caught on in UY yet.

Do you know if the one you found is real pan integral, or pan de salvado (aka pseudo-integral)?

"Pseudo-integral" breads are common (even in the US) because it results in a softer bread.

Lemme know, thanks

La Gaucha Guapa said...

Hello Brazzie, thanks for the comment. There is another version called "salvado" and I have stayed clear away from it since it also says "pan dietetica" on the package. Thus I think it is safe to say this is real "pan integral"