Saturday, May 5, 2007

Mexican Food

Happy Cinco de Mayo! And thank you so much to the Southron for hosting such a lovely party with great company and delicious food.

The food was catered by Hacienda Las Palomas which has two locations. A small version is located in Punta Carretas shopping, while the restaurant is in Carrasco. Everyone was commenting on how tasty the food was and wonderful it was to eat comida mexicana!!! We sampled beef and chicken tacos, cheese quesadillas, black bean dip, and various salsas. From the flavors we enjoyed tonight it seems a visit to the restuaraunt is worth the trek out to Carrasco. There was also a couple delicious homemade salsas from our friends over at A Girl and Guy in Uruguay.

We have had mixed results from the food court location in Punta Carretas Shopping. At times the fajitas are very salty or the meat is over cooked. But I have always liked the "Cruji" which is a hard shell taco with a layer of black beans, a generous portion of chicken, some lettuce, and a cheesy sauce (very similar to a tostada). For $23 pesos or so, it is a good snack or light meal. My husband loves the fact he can get a Mexican beer, and always opts for this choice over water or soda. Who can blame him?

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