Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And they deliver?

I can't say enough good things about Las Delicias ice cream. All the flavors I have tried (and, yes...I have tried many) are exceptional in quality, taste, texture. I have had the good fortune to taste ice cream in many parts of the world, and I have to say that Las Delicias may even surpass the best gelato I ate in Italy. In fact, the ice cream reminds me more of gelato, with its creamy texture and unmistakable flavors, than ice cream. Our recent house guest couldn't get over the exceptional taste of the banana split flavor. Is this not the BEST ice cream you have ever eaten???, she asked us.
Banana ice cream, chocolate chips, and swirls of dulce de leche. Yes, in fact it might be the best ice cream ever.

Other extraordinary flavors include:
Las Delicias (tastes just like a ferrer rocher candy crushed in chocolate ice cream)
Bariloche (pure chocolate)
Bariloche Amargo
Café Oriental
Coco biscuit

Oh ya...and just like the well known ice cream palors in Buenos Aires, whose motorbikes are pictured below, Las Delicias will deliver right to your door.* Now if you ask me , that brings ordering in to a whole new level!

Las Delicias
21 de septiembre, esq. José Ellauri
(other locations in Carrasco and the Geant store)

Prices vary
single scoops start at $38 pesos
about $27/pesos per 100 grams

*call to inquire if delivery includes your neighborhood

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Arrancopelito said...

I too had an addiction to Las Delicias, and fell into a life of crime to sustain it.

I was about 9 or 10, and one hot summer night decided to get up from bed (everyone slept in the house, so for sure it was past midnight), steal money from my mother's purse as she and my dad slept, and walked about 6 blocks to the parlor in Carrasco, through scary and dark wooded parks and the Lawn Tennis club.

This became a habit, until one night as I was walking to the ice-cream parlor a car stopped and a perv invited me in. That was my last night-time excursion to Las Delicias.