Thursday, April 19, 2007

Who makes the best empanadas?

I am truly a sucker for anything in pastry shell. I love quiche, tartas (more on those soon), puff pastry savories and sweets, mom's "homemade" chicken tarts, and just about anything else that gets golden brown and flaky. So as you can imagine, I do enjoy empanadas.

In the states I have experienced mediocre quality pizza and chinese delivery. But here in Uruguay almost anything can be delivered. We thank our friends over at a Year in Uruguay for the great tip about La Chacha empanada delivery.

So to locals and friends back home ...where do you recommend eating empanadas??

At La Chacha, my favourite is the chicken curry empanada. We have tried about a dozen different fillings. You can order most either baked or fried. I have never tried the latter. They come pipping hot within minutes of placing your order.* I like serving them warm with a side salad of arugula, tomato, and corn. Pop open a bottle of Tannat and you've got a great meal.

Here are some we have tried and liked:
Pollo al curry
La Chacha (spinach, garlic, and ricota)
Oliva (olives and cheese)
Pampera (cheese, onion, and garlic)
Mediterranea (cheese, tomato, and basil)
Del Bosque (cheese, leeks, and mushrooms)
Clasica (ham and cheese)

Not as tasty as we thought...
Chopsuey (chicken, veggies, and soy sauce)
Mexicana (meat, onion, and tomato, and "salsa mexicana")

La Chacha
$19 pesos/per empanada
706 8505
*delivery is limited to Parque Batlle, Cordon, Buceo, Pocitos, Parque Rodo, Villa Biarritz, and Punta Carretas

But now I ask the locals...who makes the best empanadas???

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