Sunday, May 6, 2007

"El morrón es más caro que el asado"

(Bell peppers are more expensive than meat.) - El Observador, May 5th

A few months ago I put up a post on "Uruguayan Adventure" bragging how I could come home from the market with armfuls of groceries without much damage to the pocket book.
Things have changed slightly.
While some vegetables are still very affordable, others are sky-rocketing in price due to heavy rains and the change of seasons - that is, the lapse between growing produce in the south of Uruguay and the harvesting in the north.

The prices have risen 151% for carrots, 38.69% for tomatoes, 37% for lettuce, and 33% for potatoes. A kilo of bell peppers (about two pounds) is $93 pesos while a kilo of meat for asado is $69 pesos. The paper also pointed out that the price of one kilo is equal to that of a men's haircut or a ticket to the movies.

They are hoping the prices will go back down in about 50 days.

Anyone on the Atkins diet? Now it is not only more convenient to eat meat...but also more affordable.


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