Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Shout out to a reader

Thank you mysterious "la vieja" for the recipe you left on FALL PEARS. I made it last night when I had guests for dinner and it was enjoyed by all!
Two changes on the version you sent:
I plated one pear half. I served it cold, and instead of putting it over ice cream I melted a dark chocolate bar and a shot of chocolate liquor over low heat on the stove. I drizzled that over the pear and more on the plate.
Second, (and going along with the chocolate theme) I crushed up Ferror Rocher chocolates and sprinkled that on top in replacement of biscotti cookies.

Can you tell I love chocolate?

Qué aproveche!

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Chuck Stull said...

The pears were a delicious ending to a great dinner! Thanks!